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Full Body to Body Massage in Gurgaon

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

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Manual massage

Manual massage is not just pleasure and ease in the body, it is a complex therapy that covers the physical and mental areas of the body. Massage helps to relax and relieve tension, get rid of pain, improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles, calm the nervous system. After a manual massage, a person feels a surge of strength and energy, anxiety and anxiety decreases, the immune system works more efficiently.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to undergo a course of therapeutic manual massage and feel all his magic on yourself!

Due to the massage movements, the flow of lymph and blood is accelerated, the nutrition of the cells improves. At the same time, the blood supply not only improves the surface layers, but also the adjacent organs, and congestion is eliminated. As a result of the massage, the elasticity of muscles significantly increases without excretion of lactic acid, soft stretching of muscles and connective tissues occurs, they are saturated with oxygen, and their working capacity is improved.

The skin, as the main conductor of the body, is connected by nerve endings with all systems of the body. Therefore, the effect of massage on the human body is difficult to overestimate!

With the help of massage, you can achieve both complete relaxation of the body, and bring it into tone. When exposed to the skin, the conductivity of nerve endings increases, the connection between the brain and other systems increases. That is why, massage for migraines is an effective tool in the fight against debilitating pain. In addition, due to the impact on the skin, local and general metabolism is improved, the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands is improved, therefore manual massage is actively used for weight loss.

In the sanatoriums of Belarus, doctors recommend taking a course consisting of 10-12 procedures, which, as a rule, they try to prescribe every day or every other day. In therapeutic massage, 4 main methods are used: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. Experienced massage therapists begin massage with soft and gentle movements, which gradually intensify, and by the end of the procedure, they will again use relaxing techniques. There should be no interruptions between all the tricks, they gradually replace each other and repeat as necessary.

Among the types of manual massage, apart from the medical one, it is worth noting the sport and cosmetic ones. These types of massage should be carried out only by specialists, as with the wrong method can be harmful. Sports massage is aimed at relieving tension in muscles, preventing injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Cosmetic massage helps to improve the appearance of the skin, to fight the signs of aging and some skin imperfections.

Manual massage is used not only as a therapeutic, but also as a prophylactic, therefore it will be useful even for a healthy person. Among the main indications for massage should be noted:


pain in the back, lower back, neck (osteochondrosis, arthritis, sciatica, poor posture);

bruises, sprains of muscles, tendons and ligaments;

neuralgia and neuritis, paralysis;

arterial hypertension;

bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia;

gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Among the most common types of massage are:

back and lumbar massage - recommended for people who lead a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. It strengthens the muscular corset, relaxes muscles and ligaments, improves kidney function, improves immunity.

Massage of the neck and collar area and the head is especially effective for headaches, overwork and frequent stress. It helps to forget about migraines, relieve irritation and anxiety, relieve muscle tension.

anti-cellulite massage - makes the skin more smooth, elastic, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss (when combined with other techniques and proper nutrition). This type of massage is usually carried out using anti-cellulite oils, creams and lotions, which enhances the massage effect.

It should be remembered that it is not recommended or impossible to massage in inflammatory and suppurative processes, bleeding and blood diseases, skin diseases, osteomyelitis, aneurysm, tumors, pregnancy and other diseases.

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